Since 1984 After Cloudy Company (ACC) has produced a variety of physical performing arts such as circus, clowns, pantomime, street performance and so on from all over the world as well as Japanese performers. Now ACC is collaborating with the NPO, International Circus Village Association. In doing so, ACC strives to develop the physical performance field in Japan. On the one hand ACC is a creative production company with a global focus for new performance. On the other it remains true to its traditional Japanese cultural roots. Since 1984, ACC has produced Dimitri (Switzerland), Mimikrichi (Ukraine), Aringa e Verdurini (Italy), Nola Rae (UK), Les Cousins (France), BP ZOOM (France), Circus Cirkor (Sweden), Feria Musica (Belgium) and many others. ACC is also an experienced coordinator of circus events and has produced shows from Germany, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Italy, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, North Europe, Siberia and so on. One of ACC's main activities has been to organize the biennial "Tokyo International Fool Festival" every two years since 2000. Through this festival, ACC aims to introduce to audiences the most outstanding physical performance from all over the world including Japan. ACC uses the opportunity of this festival to enable young Japanese performers to create solo stage performances, and to cultivate exchange between audience and performer as well as between the performers themselves. ACC introduces and coordinates various talented Japanese performers.
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