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Hilty & Bosch (Lock Dance)
Ursus & Nadeschkin gPerlen, Freaks & Special Guestsh Tour 2009 (Switzerland)

Jin and Yu performing together since 12 years as Hilty&Bosch.
This perfect pair has getting so many prize since 1998. Since then Hilty&Bosch taking notice of dance field for their prominent talent. Their well trained dance give out the overwhelmingly powerful energy. Hilty&Bosch created totally new style of Lock!

YAMAMOTO Koyo (Mime Artist)
Koyo Mime Live (2002 Tokyo, Theatre X)
To be a Scarecrow, Best of Best (2007 Tokyo, Theatre X)

A gem of fantasy mime theatre. The tale is both funny and sorrowful. It leaps about in the waves between Dream and Reality, spinning a poetic masterpiece. Koyo YAMAMOTO's concept of mime is totally free, challenging our fixed ideas about what it should be. The base is pantomime, yet his world has an ethereal inventiveness. In one piece, he moves nimbly as a dancer, and in another, he personifies an insect, an animal and its food. His range of expression is unique and grows ever wider. He cuts round a scene of life and lifts it out, allowing a gap of logic to appear. He plays on this gap with humour and pathos, and sometimes with dark laughter. Learned Pantomime at Moni Yakim Pantomime Theatre-Polish Mime School in USA.

Barbara MURATA Tomomi (Mime Artist)
Yorubenai Onnatachi - A women needs something to believe in. (2010 Tokyo, Theatre X)

Mixes theatre, dance, puppetry, mask and object manipulation to create a new mime world. She has performed worldwide both on the street and in the theatre. Her unique style includes the dramatic, the romantic, and the comic, all illustrated through her sense of rhythm and movement. Barbara is also a member of a performing arts company "YUBIWA Hotel". Can be performed both in theatre and outdoor.

Exit Exist (2008 Tokyo, Theatre X)

A clown who skillfully makes use of everyday materials. His recent creation "Exit Exists" describes a person lost at work and at home. He is a homeless person living and plyaing with common materials like a cardboard box, plastic bottles and so on. It is creative, fun, tough and sometimes spiteful. How he finds solutions to life's problems make us laugh but in a heart-warming way. Fukuro Kouji gives us strong messages through his high technique without text. Can be performed both in theatre and outdoor.

KAMIYAMA (Mime Artist)
Giocattolo Capriccio (2006 Tokyo, Theatre X)

Winner of "Daidogei World Cup in Shizuoka" which is a biggest street performance festival in Japan. Combined high skill of pantomime and magic in original way. Describe the person who living in the absurdity world. Harmonize modern and classic which destroy the perfection as the style of comedy.

KANO Mami (Mime Artist)
It's KANO Time!! (2007 Tokyo, Shinjuku Golden Street Theatre)
It's KANO Time!!2!!! Love and Needs (2008 Tokyo, Theatre Iwato)

Specific pantomime high skill shows the gaps in the daily life which everybody has. Unfocused existence canÕt be ignored. Sensitivity, skillfully balanced with the audience to share this mysterious world perfectly. How can she bring herself to where?
Can be performed both in theatre and outdoor.

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